Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta

    After not competing in a regatta the previous weekend, our sailors were ready for some competition. The Intercollegiate Offshore Regatta is hosted by the Larchmont Yacht Club, where members generously lend their boats for college teams to use for the weekend. This is a very exciting regatta for our sailors because Villanova does not have access to bigger sailboats, such as the J/88 which was the boat used for this competition by our team. In addition, the Villanova team got to compete against 8 other boats in our division and 47 overall which included one team from France, and two teams from Canada.

    Our team that competed in this big boat regatta comprised of Harrison Paige (skipper), Curtis Aaron (mainsail trim and tactician), Brooklyn Curtin (bow), Max Gillette (headsail trimmer), Claire Coppola (headsail trimmer), and Brian Tiernan (pit). Our team was excited to be sailing for the second year in a row with boat owner, Iris.

    During day one of the regatta, race committee got off three races for each class (six classes depending on what kind of boat the team was sailing). Villanova managed to get three ‘bullets’, ending up first in class six, and second overall. Day two our sailors held onto that place, getting a third and a fourth place, which still left them a handful of points ahead of Yale University. Our team was honored to finish in second place out of 48 boats, following College of Charleston who took home first.

    Skipper, Harrison Paige, explains, “Big boat sailing is kind of daunting at first, but once you get past the initial scariness factor you realize it’s just a big dinghy and all the things you learn about dinghies – weight placement, sail trim, etc. – still apply. And once you put the focus and energy into it, the performance comes out.” The teams practice and chalk talks throughout the year had paid off!